Corner for perfume brand PUREDISTANCE

About the project:

Project owner: Jan Awoud Vos, mastermind and founder of PUREDISTANCE company
Designers: Vadim and Vika Liskovich
Year of execution: 2019
Location: Lithuania, Vilnius, shopping centers Akropolis and Panorama ,multistore Crème de la Crème.

Year of execution: 2020
Location: Minsk, shopping center Gallerea, multistore Parfumist.

Customer preferences:

TopInterior Group ltd. in cooperation with design studio Liskovich Architect ran the project for PUREDISTANCE brand. The corners were designed in close cooperation with the founder of the brand, Jan Awoud Vos. The aim was to design the corner for multistores to make PUREDISTANCE perfume prominent and represent the brand’s philosophy.

Symbolism and its realization:

The main idea of a corner is to show 12 scents of the parfumerie brand.
12 is a sacral figure, it reflects space order, 12 moths of the year, 12 Apostles in Christianity, 12 Gateways of New Jerusalem, 12 Dalai Lama councilmen.
12 scents that can be chosen be a client on a clock-face. And arrow help to choose a proper perfume as a luck tool.


We used alcantara in black and red color. This fabric has suitable usability and look like natural suede.

Decorative elements made of brass: perfume holders, shelve insets, figures, decorative brass strips and lighting letters.

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The process of production


Well-made 3d project helps a client to understand clearly the result and free the communication between the client, designer and producer.


Jan Awoud Vos came to the factory personally before the first corners were delivered.

It’s a great pleasure to see alive response of the client about the produced items, discuss the order and future plans.


Понравился проект?

Какой-то еще мотивирующий продающий текст на пару предложений. Какой-то еще мотивирующий продающий текст на пару предложений.